Windy: wind and waves forecast App Reviews

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Absolutely fantastic tool to help forecast winds and conditions.

Love it

I looked for a long time for an app that would let me look at a radar over Russia. I really like the way you can watch the wind whip across the seas too ::))


This applications functionality is outstanding. An invaluable tool to me as an emergency manager.

Simply the best

This is my favorite weather tool. The radar and lightning depiction are really convenient to use. The true power of this incredible weather app is in its ability to show 4 different forecast models. It is easy to use the forecasts and compare any time in the future amongst models to see if there is a consensus among them. There are so many more features that I can’t even get into here. But let’s suffice it to say that if your plans involve the outdoors at all you need this app.

Review for iPhone only

I used to think that Windy for iPhone did not work, but I think that I was using it incorrectly, as I’m used to the iPad version, and the phone version is different. I’ve been using Windy for at least six months on the iPad and it works quite well. I now thin the iPhone version is quite good as well. I like that one swipes the calendar beneath the time widget, instead of trying to drag the widget as one must on the iPad. I’d suggest this feature migrate to iPad as well. The other thing I’d like to see is to have winds and gusts display together, or better yet, have all selected data types display at once. Windy is a fine app.


How do you change the Celsius to Fahrenheit

Excellent at all time !!!

Always is a good app tool

This app is great!

I wish I’d found this a long time ago. I’m a hunter so knowing the wind direction and speed, now and in the future, is important. I also travel a lot for work and like to know what to expect on trips. This app just has it all when it comes to exploring the weather across the country and around the world. I especially like the animated windstream.

Great app for science research

I use Windy to help me run an experiment looking for impacts of dark matter with the Great Salt Lake. It’s reliability has let me time trips to the floating sensors to save thousands of dollars and adjust parameters for waves to improve the data. It is my go-to app for weather.


Wind currents are the most accurate way to forecast weather. As a cattle rancher I use the app to control pasture location for the heard and Windy has been very accurate with their look ahead wind current predictions.


I was looking for something other than the old weather apps available and after going down a long list I found this Jewel and have been finding out all its aspects as hurricane Michael plowed through our area. I like it !

My first go to app

Fastest, best, and most thorough assortment of maps and data for worldwide coverage. Thanks for making this app.


For wind and wave this is a fabulous ap. Easy to use and understand. Sailing is primary use. Over 20 thousand open ocean miles and it is now my number one go to for wind and wave info.


Accurate information!

Can’t change from Celsius to Farenheit

Tried making an account online and can’t figure out how to sign in on the mobile account

Perfect for Pilots

As a pilot, the wind forecasts and cloud base forecasts are by far the greatest tool I’ve ever used for making the “weather decision”.

Great for our paragliding activities

A 5***** app, especially with the paragliding spots and the aerogram facility and vatious forecasting models. Using it every day also for hurricane watch. Thank you!

Excelente app

La mejor

Great app!

I use this app daily for my local forecast on rain and wind. It has been a wonderful help for travel between the islands! Pretty darn accurate for my area in Fiji!


I love this app! It seems to be very accurate and helps with hurricane watching!

Great App

This is an amazing app! It hasn’t let me down yet.


A wealth of weather data easy to explore.


I recommend this app.

Will Not Save Settings

This looks nice but is basically useless to me since it will not save my settings. It always resets to metric no matter what I do.

From Guam great App

Works fine out in this part of the world.

All the information you need

Amazing compilation of weather data and accurate modeling. As long as you have a cellular network, a truly local forecast is at your fingertips (not just the nearest weather office, which in my case may be 100 km or more from my location). Temperature, wind speed, cloud cover, cloud level, precipitation, radar and lightning are all right there and remarkably accurate. My colleagues used this in a remote camp in the Yukon Territory and could accurately determine conditions and forecasts for helicopter and fixed wing flying, saving a lot of jet fuel in the process.

Beats local weather

More accurate the local actors and the spaghetti models that simply cover every possible track of a storm.


Excelente aplicación, perfecta para nosotros los que vivimos en el Caribe....


Go to app when planning any activity. Wish it had wind chill

Excellent app, but a bit sluggish

For a pilot there is lots of good information (winds at altitudes, thunderstorms...). Nice representation. Only downside is it’s a bit sluggish when trying to scroll from day to day, I have the Pro with A10 chip and it’s still struggles to keep up.

Most accurate

Found this app to be the most accurate compared to other apps and NOAA. A must have for sailors!


Very excellent tool!! Very accurate

Windy App Review

A great App showing wind and rain patterns.

Just OK

Temperatures in Celsius not Fahrenheit. Also only semi real time… Last update was six hours ago as I write this post. Also would like to be able to see the wins miles per hour. Fix those and I will give it five stars.


This is my favorite weather app. It tells you everything you need to know!!!


The app gives me a lot of details under various perspectives. That allows me to get a better overview of what will happen. Minor bug report: The ‘Rain, thunder’ layer switches between millimeters and inches correctly when adjusting the ‘Rain’ depth in ‘Advanced settings, but the ‘Rain accumulation’ layer is stuck on millimeters.

Totally love it!!!

I have been using this app as my Favorite between WINDY AND WINDFINDER . I windsurf year round in Czech republic ,Austria and United States (Howard park -Tarpon Springs,Fl) I would not be ashamed to write that this app help me plan my surfing days 95% of all the others weather app. Thank you guys very much!! Keep up the good work!!! Dekuji celemu Windy teamu!! Dobra prace jen tak dal!!!! 🤙😘🤙

Windy es excelente.

Recomiendo a Windy cómo el Estado del Tiempo más certero. Muchas gracias por mantenernos informados. Puerto Rico


This is simply amazing!

Best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!


Awesome... but a few requests!!

Love what you guys are doing but I have a few requests and I’ll change my rating to 5 stars. 1. Please add the ability to use multiple layers at the same time on the weather map. 2. Please add a layer where we can see where the cold fronts and warm fronts are. These are two things that should be easy to accomplish and would be worth of 5 stars if you’d bring these to the table. Thank you!!

As accurate as they come

Of all the apps I have found windyty to be the most accurate. As a kiteboarder I have relied on it for forecast conditions on several continents.

Best weather app for pilots

I used this app for a while and have come to have great confidence in the app as a flight planning tool. I use it now above all others. Love it.

Love this app!!

The graphics, animation, ease of use is amazing!

THE! weather app to have!

As a pilot and charter boat captain, I’ve been searching for a complete solution to my weather forecasting needs. Windy nails it in all aspects. Never come across anything with so much detailed information available on all facets of meteorology for land, sea and air.

Great app

Use this app at least once a day and enjoy using it. Gives alot of info in a easy to understand at a glance

Most comprehensive app available

Very much enjoy all the various forms of data this app provides. My only reason for giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because even though I have my settings for fahrenheit (temp), inches (precipitation), and feet (waves), it continues to show them as Celsius, milometers, and meters. A fantastic app I'd recommend to all weather enthusiasts!!

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Incredibly accurate

The most accurate wind forecasting and storm tracking app that I’ve seen. They use every top grade weather model out there. I recommend it to anyone who asks what I use to track storms and wind conditions.

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