Windy: wind and waves forecast App Reviews

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Storm Recovery

Since the Weather Channel ruined the Storm app, I turned to Windy to get the wind animation and multi-city forecasts that I was accustomed to. Windy provides all that I seek in a weather app, and more. It did take time to find things, and my iPad version still will only show 3 overlay options, but lots of other display choices I do not care about and did not select in the same column of choices. Once I (accidentally) found the meteograms I am fascinated, but wish there was some place to learn what the detailed meaning. I also wish that front symbols would be able to display with temperatures, wind, or rain. I find the thunderstorm info distracting and wish I could turn it off.

Hang glider pilot - favorite weather app!

Gives a lot of options and syncs with desktop version. Like how I can easily compare models. Great app

Amazingly accurate!

Used this app on a boat delivery from Seattle to San Diego. I was amazed how accurate the wind and wave predictions were. A great tool in the go, no go decision making process.

Great app

Great graphics, model data, and radar

Amazing weather app

Beautiful, full featured, stable, and goes above & beyond in information and models - all while being free. Seriously, what more could you ask for.

Best Weather App

Best weather app for travel via boating, small aircraft or hiking. I do it all and check this almost daily. The only downfall is Mother Nature herself. No complaints here, plus I had all my family, friends and acquaintances check out this app for download on their smartphone.

Super Grateful

Great site and brilliant graphics. Thank you.

Great tool.

I've been using the windy app for a couple months now. I've found it to be accurate and easy to use. I really like how it picks up on small details like coastal eddies.

AMAZING !!!!!!!

The more I use this application the more I discover all the data available. As an ex Navy Weatherman I have many WX applications, but this is my go to application. Nice to have weather radar, wind w/future, rain thunder w/future, thunderstorms w/future, and many many more options. Only problem is to many favorites and I cannot figure how to delete them. Is it possible to see heat index and wind chill?

Much more than wind!

I originally downloaded the app for wind forecast. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it provides much more than that in one of the most accurate and long range forecast available. Wonderful app!

Great weather app


Weather dependent

Live in rural remote AK WINDYTY is our first choice for monitoring weather systems and our ability to safely conduct business and life in this great are regardless of being on land or sea. I really enjoy keeping tabs on situations world wide. Thank you Windy TY crew.

Like it

Great weather app.


Excellent and incredible app!! Try it!

Good almost great

Hello. I enjoy the App but what did it from being my all the time go to weather app is that it lacks an Apple watch app and viewing the forecast and current conditions can be overwhelming at times. This is coming from a weather nerd and someone who provided weather observation and forecasts for the Navy. You are almost there tho. Please consider these updates ideas.


Just great, thank you! I studied Meteorology in school, using NAWIPS and other professional tools, this offers many of the same products!! Incredibly well done app, thank you!! (Ever going to add Skew-T Log P radiosonde charts?)

Settings down hold

Set temp to F but still shows in C, same for speed and depth, has been like that for a couple of releases now. Would be nice if they fixed it

Great app👍🏽

Amazing job! Thank you!

I love this app, amazing

I have been using iKitesurf for years now , but this one is free and have so much information,

Fantastic weather app

This app has a ton of available data so if you are just looking for an app to tell you the temperature and if it’s going to rain this is probably not for you. If you need a bit more information this app is great. It offers several forecasting models so you can see how they compare and the map is beautiful. I have found the forecasts to be very reliable and the amount of information unmatched in other apps. It’s so good I’d gladly pay for it.


I live in Eastern Thailand, this app has been extremely accurate for me, using almost daily for 2 years. Only reason to not give 5 stars is that I would appreciate hour by hour sometimes, it seems to only be able to give 3 hour time forecasts for wind direction. Great app!

Not accurate

I have updated the app. Now im trying to know about Beryl and it shows clear skies on top of DR while we are under rains and floods !

This’s more correct than government forecasting.

When the typoon was coming, I compared with this app and my government announcement, this app was more correct than it. So I strongly recommend this application. You gotta download this as well.


Like the app, but why won’t my favorite location stay? Open the app & I’m somewhere else. Would be nice if my saved location stayed.


What a great app for forecasting activities. In my case - it’s saltwater fishing. The app is intuitive and seamless. Very well done. Highly recommended.

Simply the best

This is a wonderful apps where else could you find the model coverage, upper air data and forecast which is unbelievably up to date, modern and useful. It’s more of a scientific site and not for the everyday user unless you have some basic map weather map training

Very useful for pilots

As a student pilot, knowing current weather conditions is very important in determining if the day is suitable for flight training. I will likely continue to use this along with other weather resources as a piloting tool because of the the amount of data and the accuracy of data it provides. It’s also more intuitive than other weather resources such as the Aviation Weather Center provided by the NWS in understand the “big picture” of weather patterns. I realize the information provided by is available, elsewhere, but having it all in one place makes accessing it faster and easier. This is truly a remarkable app that I hope continues into the future. Thank you to the developers of this great website and app!

Most accurate weather app

I am a full time cruiser from Canada to FL keys. As such accurate wind and wave forecasts are critically important to me. Have used many weather apps but is my go to App because it is consistently the most accurate and easiest to use. All the information I need with multiple forecast models in one app!

Great app, but Airgram is broken

Please fix the airgram issue. Has been a known issue for a long time and it hasn’t been resolved. Developer is slow to fix things. Still the best weather app for predicting wind forecasts that I have used.

Excellent Support, Great App

I’m a nerd who reads reviews. I am very impressed with the developer’s consistent responses in the few cases where people had issues. As a business owner, I appreciate how difficult it can be sometimes. Kudos to the developers. As for the actual App, it’s really awesome. My husband is a pilot, we go boating in the bay and farther out for Grouper fishing. This App never disappoints. It’s also fun to look at, which is a plus!

Great but missing offline mode

This a really good app but it fails to offer an offline mode. There are numerous requests for this feature but no positive response from the developer. I am not sure why but i know there is no technical reason it can’t be done. Whether your a sailor, hiker, or camper you are not always connected but good weather predictions are always critical.

Rare “futurecast” feature

I really like the “futurecast” option which seems rare among weather apps. Other unique and useful features are the roadside camera links, snow depth maps, fog maps, and ocean info. I work outdoors much so I am always looking for a good weather app. This one is one of the best, if not the best. For suggested improvements, I wish there was an option for entering a list of reference locations for quick access to weather forecasts at those sites (this is common on most other weather apps). Movement of the location pin is a little odd as the pin remains stationary, but you move the map to change locations.

Great app for Cyclists!

This app gives cyclists a heads up on the day. Love It!

Beyond what I could have imagined

This app is so good, I continue to be speechless even after a month of solid usage. It gives me the ability to create custom maps with my color preferences and then watch the flow as time progresses through a range of days. And that is only one thing among many. Since I use it on an iPad and I have somewhat large fingers it can be a little tricky sometimes but once done, it’s saved and I can enjoy the results of my handiwork. I thought I saw it was available for a Windows PC/Laptop and if so, next time I’m on I’m going to get it. Update: I just have to remove 2 ⭐️ because I’m losing my custom color schemes with every update and now I no longer bother with them because it takes too much time.

Perfect for pilots

I use this app constantly. It has NOTAMS, TAFs, and everything else I need.

Not user friendly

I cant close the login menu without registering. Ever! And it take up half the screen.

Our go to wind forecasting App

We always rely on Windy for accurately gauging the wind and have found it to be amazingly accurate time and again.

Accurate but awkward

I’m a farmer Accurate and I especially like the rainfall projections. Interface is hard to use

Best weather app

Surprisingly accurate easy to use

Good tool

Gives great overall picture. Often under- estimates local conditions. But that’s understandable given poor data density we have on weather.

Accurate information

There are times when this app has the pilots I fly with thinking I graduated with a meteorology major and it seems like every time it’s modified for improvement someone plain read my mind . Check it out .

Helps me immensely for surf explorations

LOVE this app! Super helpful for assessing surf breaks and opportunities. I love that it shows the secondary swell as well as the primary and the wind. That has been the greatest asset for me

My go to

Love the graphics and it keeps getting better and better!

Best weather app for a while now

I used to visit the Windity website and was happy to see an app made. When all the other weather apps failed me this was the one that stood out. Reliable, accurate and offers more than any other.

Layers of Excellence

Sailor, hiker, traveler, outside worker: all roles I do in life, and all enhanced through the use of Windy. Works all over the planet. Reliably accurate forecasting. Constantly enhanced and upgraded. If you monitor weather for work, pleasure, or both and more, get this app!


This app is the best! Forecast are quite reliable. I sail the California coast and local islands. Use it more than any other app I have and there are several. It’s so nice to see the whole world and it associated patterns. Great job and please, please, don’t sell out to The Weather Channel. They ruin everything they touch!


One of the best weather apps that tells everything you want to know!!!

Great source of weather related info.

Lived my whole life in a trade wind environment up until now, avid sailboarder that needs to know when it’s gonna blow ! Windy keeps me up to speed, Thanks !!

Best wind forecast

I live on a sailboat in the Sea of Cortez and use this app everyday. Very good very accurate. I check many forecasts for wind and usually this is the best. I pretty much count on it. I highly recommend it.

Amazing app!

As a pilot, weather information is critical and understanding trends and the big picture is invaluable. This app provides fantastic visibility from the micro to the macro and looks amazing doing it. I use it almost daily and rely heavily on the information it provides to help me better understand what the weather is doing and where it might be going.

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